international compatiotion of young interpreters

Dear Members!

It will be held an international compatiotion of young interpreters “Eugene Cola” 21th-27th June 2004 in Chisinau in Moldova for the next instruments in two categories (A: till 16 age, B: 17-22 age): flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoo, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone Pipe, Percussion, Whistle, Pan’s pipe, Accordeon, Hammered dulcimer.
The information, the application form and the obligatory pieces you can get:
Music Lyceum “C.Porumbescu” str. Kiev, 1, Chisinau, Moldova
Tel./Fax: +373-2-441160
Organizator director: Valeriu Lutsa
Deadline of the application: 15.05.2004.
With the application form you can send a copy of the birth certificate, photo(9×13) withe-black, the candidate’s country composers or piece from contemporary composer for II-nd stage.
Best regards and happy Easterholiday!