The Cimbalom World Association (CWA) aims to bring together artists who play cimbalom and similar instruments like yangqin, yanggeum, santur, hackbrett, hammered dulcimer, tympanon, qanun, kantele, etc. as well as interested organisations and individuals.The CWA exists to support and promote cimbalom music in the world and to develop and increase the popularity of this whole family of instruments. It helps members to obtain scores, parts, records and other musical material. It also supports young and beginner cimbalom artists, including concert promotion, international exchange visits, and many other activities.We publish a newsletter about twice a year, with news of artists, events, scores and recordings, technical and research articles, and other information and articles provided by its members.

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Founded in Hungary on Nov. 3rd, 1991, the CWA now has members from 24 countries of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, America and Australia. There are professional artists, amateur players, instrument manufacturers, music publishers, scientists of music and many more.

Currently, CWA has members from 30 countries of Europa, Asia, America, and Australia. They are artists, players, instrument manufacturers, music publishers, scientists of music, etc.

The CWA is registered according Hungarian law. 

Applying to join the CWA

Application Form

If you want to become a member, fill the application form and send it with your curriculum vitae to our contact address, and arrange to pay your fee as show below.

Contact Address

Viktoria Herencsar,
H-1660 Budapest Pf. 331, Hungary.
Tel/Fax: +36-1-2567371

Membership Fee

To join the CWA you pay an initial registration fee and a 2 year membership fee. After the first two years you just pay a 2 year membership fee for the next two years.

Don’t forget: you need to FILL IN AN APPLICATION FORM and send it to us as well as paying the FEE. See above for details of the form.

Any individual aged 17 or over can join the CWA. For the first two years, the registration fee for an individual is 10 Euro and the membership fee is 40 Euro for two years.

The individual membership fee for a subsequent 2 years is 40 Euro

Groups can also join, for example a national association or a performing group. For a group the registration fee is 50 Euro and membership fee is 200 Euro for two years.

The group membership fee for a subsequent 2 years is 200 Euro

Sponsors are welcome.

Account number:

K&H Bank Rt ( H-1051 Budapest, Arany J. u. 20.) 10200830-32316184

Swift code: OKHBHUHB

IBAN: HU19 1020 0830 3231 6184 0000 0000

To pay via paypal please go to Membership levels