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Here is the information for members competition. Velkom!

About carrying out of VI International competition of executors on
national tools ” the CUP of the NORTH ”
The general{common} conditions of competition
The order of carrying out of competition
Financial conditions of competition
Place of carrying out
The program
Application  a sheet
I. The general conditions of competition

VI International competition of executors on national tools ” the CUP
of the NORTH ” is called to promote in every possible way to
development of creativity of young executors, perfection of their
professional skill, performing culture, revealing of new talented
musicians, and also wide popularization of music for national tools.

VI International competition ” the CUP of the NORTH ” is carried
out{spent} by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the
Government of the Vologda area, the mayoralty of Cherepovets at direct
participation of the Petrozavodsk state conservatory and Cherepovets
regional school of arts and art crafts name of  V.V.Vereshchagin.

VI International competition ” the Cup of the North ” will take place
in Cherepovets 10 on April, 21, 2006 in Cherepovets, on the basis of
Cherepovets regional school of arts and art crafts name of

Competition ” the Cup of the North ” is carried out on the following
Cymbals,  shock tools (a xylophone,  vibraphone, marimbaphone ),
The executors working in the concert organizations, theatres can take
part in competition, radio, TV, students of musical high schools and
musical schools which professional level corresponds{meets} to
requirements of the International competitions. Age of participants
with 17 till 35 years. To participation in VI International
competition of executors on national tools ” the CUP of the NORTH ”
students and winners of the second and third premiums of the previous
competitions, except for owners Grand prix and winners I of the
premium of the previous competitions.

For participation in competition it is necessary to send to the
Russia, 162627, Cherepovets, the Vologda region, street. Steelmakers,
34 “á”
Cherepovets school of arts and art crafts name of V.V.Vereschagin
(with  mark ” the CUP of the NORTH “)
Ph.: 757-67-83, 57-80-09,
Fax: 757-80-09

The following documents:
The application
The brief creative biography with the indication of teachers of
school, school and high school
1 photo (black-and-white) in the size 9×14
The detailed program on three rounds with the exact indication of
authors and names of executed products.
Registration payment of 100 c.u. at the rate of the Moscow Interbank
Stock Exchange at date of payment (it is brought at the moment of
In default the candidate from participation in competition documents
and a registration payment do not come back.

The organizing committee does not bear the responsibility for lost
documents during transfer.

The participants who have been late to the beginning of competition,
to listening are supposed only under the special sanction of jury.

II. The order of carrying out of competition

Competitive  statement  for soloists of section of a bayan –
accordion, strings and shock tools   will consist of three rounds.

The order of performances of participants is established by a toss-up
before the first round and kept up to the end of competition.

To the second round it is supposed no more than 50 % of participants
of the first round, the points which have collected the greateые
amount on 100-mark estimated system.

To the third round are supposed on the seven soloists of each
nomination who have received the greatest amount of points on the sum
of results of two rounds, applying on three ranks of the winner and
four ranks of the student. If the estimation of one of judges differs
on ten and more points from average she is excluded from voting also a
mean score is recalculated anew. After the first and second rounds
reports of estimations of performances of the participants who were
not last on the next round are published. After the ending of
competition all estimations of performances of participants are
published. Definition of winners is carried tract by discussion and
voting on the basis of the sums of average estimations of performances
of participants on three rounds. The judge has no right to estimate
performances of the pupils.

Participants of competition of section of a bayan and accordion have
the right to use a bayan and an accordion of any type, the size,
model, except for tools in which electronic prefixes and amplifiers
are applied.

The text of pieces of music which were not issued in Russia, it is
necessary to transfer in organizing committee of competition not later
the beginnings of competitive listenings in duplicate.

The sequence of performance of products in each round is established
by the participant who specifies this sequence in the application
about participation in competition.

The jury reserves the right to itself:
To award not all premiums and diplomas to finalists;
To divide premiums between executors;
To award special prizes;
To interrupt performance of participants if they break the established
limit of time of performance or the program and her performance does
not correspond to a level of the International competition
The decision of jury are final also to revision are not subject,
voting secret.

III. Financial conditions of competition

For all winners necessarily free-of-charge participation in concerts
(no more than 2), organized by organizing committee upon termination
of competition.

Winners of competition are obliged to take part in a final concert.

Participants pay travel up to Cherepovets and back and hotel
accommodation due to the sending party or at own expense. The
organizing committee of competition guarantees granting a place of

The organizing committee guarantees payment of travel to participants
of the ending at a rate of 50 % of a fare in territory of the
countries CIS.

The organizing committee reserves all rights on record (audio,
videocassettes and compact discs) all rounds of competition and Gala
concert, and also their further use at any time without payment of any
compensations to participants.

IV. Premiums

Winners of competition receive ranks of winners or students and are
awarded with diplomas, monetary prizes, commemorative medals. Monetary
premiums will be entrusted after carrying out Gala-of a concert of
winners of competition.

All конкурсанты, not past in the third round, will be awarded with
letters for participation in the second round. The participants of the
ending who has not received ranks of winners or students will be
awarded with letters for participation in the third round.

The jury has the right to not entrust Grand prix competition. The
organizing committee can found special prizes to participants of

Premiums of competition Grand prix and a rank of the winner 3000 $ the
USA (1)
The first premium and rank of the winner 2000 $ the USA (7)
The second premium and rank of the winner 1500 $ the USA (7)
The third premium and rank of the winner 1000 $ the USA (7)
Rank of the student 300 $ the USA (28)
Rank of the student (leader) 300 $ the USA (5)

Leaders cannot apply for a rank of the student of competition if they
have been awarded with this rank at the previous competitions ” the
CUP of the NORTH ”

The prize-winning fund is uniform for winners and students of each
premium and shares between them fifty-fifty.

V. A place of carrying out

Russia, 162627, Cherepovets, the Vologda region, street. Steelmakers,
34 “á”
Cherepovets school of arts and art crafts name of V.V.Vereschagin
Ph.: 757-67-83, 57-80-09,
Fax: 757-80-09



I round (up to 20 minutes)

Product written in XVI-XVIII centuries (it is necessary to specify the
author of transposition)
Obligatory product:
Balalaika – A.Tsygankov. A prelude and a toccata
Guitar – F.Sor. The big sonata Up to a major, ор. 22, the ending
Domra three-stringed – A.Tsygankov. The ending of a sonata for a domra
Domra four-string – N.Puzej. A sonata for a domra
альтовая a domra – D.Bortnjansky. Сонатное allegro
Mandoline – R.Kalache. A prelude 5, оп. 74
Cymbals – V.Andreev. The Spanish dance. E.Gladkova and L.Rydlevskoj’s
concert transcription
Shock tools – A.Ivanov. An impromptu for a xylophone.
The masterly product written in the XIX-beginning of XX centuries of
the following authors: Weber, Wieniawski, Vieuxtemps, Lalo, Mendelson,
Paganini, the Sort, Sarasate, Saint-Saёns, Ernst, Ranieri, Munier.
II round (up to 25 minutes)

Cyclic product: a concert, a sonata (not less than two parts or one in
the form developed sonated allegro); a suite (not less than three
parts), imaginations, rhapsodies, variations of the large form.
The composition of the composer of XX century, excepting processings
and imaginations on national themes.
The product written on a material of national themes (names should be
specified in the program by that) or the play including elements of
jazz styles.
The program of the second round should include original product. In
each round (items 1,2,3) products of different authors are executed,
repetition of products in the competitive program is not supposed

III round
Performance of one of the offered concerts with the Governor’s
orchestra of Russian national tools, the conductor – G.I.Perevoznikova

Balalaika – A.Kusjakov. A concert for a balalaika, a grand piano,
shock and string or A.Rogachev. A concert for a balalaika.
Guitar – Castelnuovo-Tedesko. A concert for a guitar with an
Domra three-stringed – G.Shenderyov. A concert or N.Pejko. A concert
for a small domra with an orchestra.
Domra four-string – E.Podgajts. A concert for a mandoline with an
Domra alto – N.Pejko. A concert for alto domras.
Mandoline – R.Kalache. A concert 2 for a mandoline with an orchestra.
Cymbals – V.Kurjan. A concert or Zador. A concert for cymbals with an
Shock tools – D.Mijo. A concert for shock with an orchestra.

I round (up to 20 minutes)

I.S.Bah. The French suites (one on a choice).
Masterly product.
II round (25 – 30 minutes)

P.I.Chajkovsky. “Seasons” (one of plays on a choice)
A.L.Repnikov. Concert plays (one on a choice)
Original cyclic product for a bayan, an accordion entirely (for a
bayan, an accordion solo)
III round (up to 25 minutes)

The free program consisting not less than on 50 % from original music.

The note:
Recurrence of products I and II rounds is not supposed.
Changes in programs are supposed in unusual cases on what it is
necessary to notify secretary and Presidium of jury before the
beginning of competition.
Any discrepancies of the rules (stylistic, genre, time, etc.) entail
removal of one point from average on round.
Surname. A name. A patronymic.
Number, month and year of a birth.
The birthplace, citizenship.
Music education.
Place of study.
Surname, name, patronymic of the teacher
Surname, name, patronymic of the leader {for strings and shook tools}
Permanent address; phone, a fax
The passport _________________, is given:
The insurance certificate
With conditions of competition it agree, I oblige them to carry out.

Date “___” __________ 200_г. The personal signature.

The program 1, 2 and 3 rounds.

Director of an educational institution (signature)

Seal of an educational institution.