„Music without borders” International Music Course, Competition and Art Festival

The music course in Balassagyarmat takes place between 20-31st July, 2004. The teachers of the course are outstanding artists of the Hungarian musical education and guest professors from several music colleges of Europe.

The student (participants) are musicians aged 14-30. The tuition is adapted to individual needs. Classes are held between 08.30 and 13.00 every morning.

Cimbalom course will be given by HERENCSÁR, Viktória .

Participants can visit the chamber music course, the orchestra and the choir in addition to 5 individual classes and at least one opportunity to perform. Participants usually play works already prepared at home, everybody brings his/her own notes. Accompanist are provided.

Balassagyarmat is situated 80 km to the north-east from Budapest, it is easily accessible by bus. The journey takes 2 hours, the fee is about 5 EURO. Buses leave at the bus station near the stop “Árpád-híd” of the metro line every hour. The bus arrives in centre of Balassagyarmat, the student hostel is about 10 minutes on foot (we send a town map to every participant). On the basis of agreement in advance we organise the journey from Budapest.

Students are put up in a student hostel in fourbed-rooms. Families and married couples are provided a private room. We can also provide a room in a small hotel for an extra fee. Besides tuition and accommodation the participation fee includes 3 meals a day. 3-4 hour trips are organised to visit the sights around in the country. For these programs you have to apply here and you also have to pay an extra fee.

Fee of the course is 380 EURO. The Deadline for application is 30 June 2004.

More Details:http://www.rozsavolgyiart.hu/honlap2/honlap_en_nd/weblap_en_nd.html